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Actual (showing all 19)

2015-04-26NAMASTE AWAY CLUB MARS VEGAS MAExpense Hobby Yoga 767$50.93
2015-04-23Survival Fire Starter CaseAwesome Expense Hobby Outdoor 1093$9.57
2015-04-17Dumbbell Olympic 2.5-Pounds Plate (Black)Awesome Expense Hobby Weight 1184$14.46
2015-04-15Yoga Racerback Socks SExpense Hobby VioGor Yoga 2249$18.67
2015-04-15Dumbbell Standard 5-Pounds Plate (Black)Awesome Expense Hobby Weight 1202$11.08
2015-04-13Yoga Sweat Shirt XLAwesome Expense Hobby Yoga 1086$13.64
2015-04-08Office Marijuana Hydroponics KitAwesome Expense Grow Hobby 1062$11.46
2015-04-08Barbell Olympic 2.5-Pounds PlateAwesome Expense Hobby Weight 1062$1.83
2015-04-05Office Poison Ivy Hydroponics KitAwesome Expense Grow Hobby 1223$14.20
2015-04-05Miracle Orchid SeedsAwesome Expense Grow Hobby 1223$13.42
2015-03-29PURCHASE AUTHORIZED ON 2015-03-29 00:00:00 AWESOME WEB SERVICE AWS.AWESOME.CO WA S96478 CARD 4933Expense Hobby Projects 737$26.37
2015-03-24Outdoor Cup Repair KitAwesome Expense Hobby Outdoor 1183$6.63
2015-03-22NAMASTE AWAY CLUB MARS VEGAS MAExpense Hobby Yoga 730$22.91
2015-03-17CHECK CRD PURCHASE 2015-03-17 00:00:00 AWESOME WEB SERVICE AWS.AWESOME.CO WA XXXXXXXXXXXX4933 41897Expense Hobby Projects 725$22.88
2015-03-16Dumbbell Olympic 25-Pounds PlateAwesome Expense Hobby Weight 1234$18.06
2015-03-16Office Poison Ivy in a PotAwesome Expense Grow Hobby 1234$15.13
2015-03-11CHECK CRD PURCHASE 2015-03-11 00:00:00 AWESOME WEB SERVICE AWS.AWESOME.CO WA XXXXXXXXXXXX4933 97435Expense Hobby Projects 719$34.51
2015-03-08Outdoor Coated Top LAwesome Expense Hobby Outdoor 1055$15.31
2015-03-08Outdoor Long Sleeve Pants MAwesome Expense Hobby Outdoor 1055$4.51

Planned (showing all 12)

2015-05-02Weight liftingExpense Hobby Weight 1023$20.00
2015-05-02OutdoorExpense Hobby Outdoor 970$50.00
2015-05-02YogaExpense Hobby Yoga 1035$50.00
2015-05-02ProjectsExpense Hobby Projects 998$30.00
2015-04-02Weight liftingExpense Hobby Weight 1022$20.00
2015-04-02OutdoorExpense Hobby Outdoor 969$50.00
2015-04-02YogaExpense Hobby Yoga 1034$50.00
2015-04-02ProjectsExpense Hobby Projects 997$30.00
2015-03-02Weight liftingExpense Hobby Weight 1021$20.00
2015-03-02OutdoorExpense Hobby Outdoor 968$50.00
2015-03-02YogaExpense Hobby Yoga 1033$50.00
2015-03-02ProjectsExpense Hobby Projects 996$30.00

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